How to Restore iWork Files on Mac

Mac system is equipped with lots of application that can complete the task you need . It can be used for professional work and entertainment purposes. One of the most used application is the iWork which is an office suite which has a set of applications like pages for word processing, numbers for spreadsheet record saving, keynote for making presentations. These application are used for storing valuable data so if these applications get corrupted and does not open then you won’t be able to access the files and there is a possibility that the files will also get corrupted. So you would be looking for how to restore iWork files on Mac. If the iWork file is lost because of application crash or system shut down then it can be recovered by using the Auto recovery option. It launches itself when you restart the iWork application after crash. It has the list of files for recovery.

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Sometimes the autorecovery does not detect the file and required file is not displayed in the list. If the iWork application is corrupted then you can fix it by reinstalling it. After that use the time machine back up to restore all the iWork files. If the time machine does not work then you can use the Mac data recovery software. It is a very proficient software that is capable of scanning Mac drive and bring all the lost and corrupted files in the preview. You can then select and restore all the files in the Mac. The restored files can then be accessed and edited as you like. So download the software and get back all the iWork files on Mac.

User Guide To Recover iWork Files on Mac

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