iPhone File Recovery App – How to Restore Deleted iPhone Data

With an iPhone in hand, entire world seems to be in ones hand as this allows you not only to carry on your business & professional work with ease & efficiency, but also lets you tap to music & all other means of entertainment. The great device of the sort, iPhone is available in different memory capacity of 16 GB, 32 GB & 64 GB, which well reveals the fact that there must be considerable amount of data stored on that very device. If, at any point of time an unexpected issue strikes the device, its memory capacity is likely to be affected which would in turn render the file & data stored therein inaccessible. This eventually calls for the need of iPhone File Recovery App. When any such inadvertent data loss situation strikes it is quite possible for users to look for recovery program so as to have their lost files retrieved.

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What causes data loss from iPhone?

Some of the main reasons for which one may loose important data & files from iPhone are the ones given below –

  • Unexpected loss or the device being stolen accidentally
  • iPhone experiences or suffers from any sort of data loss on account of physical damage
  • Accidentally or unknowingly deleting the messages, pictures, songs & other files from iPhone
  • Factory resetting of the device or system restore
  • Improper upgrade or other issues with the upgrade that results in data loss
  • Malfunctioning software & hardware components of system & like
  • Freezed or non-responding iPhone, for any reason & like

If any of these issue strikes onto the device, it is quite possible to face severe data loss from iPhone & this calls for the need to restore the same so as to continue with work in all appropriate manner. However, the same may not be that easy owing to the non availability of iPhone File Recovery App, with which lost & deleted items could be retrieved.

Owing to this very reason, it becomes quite important to opt for backup program before any unwanted problem occur & makes you to loose important files in the process. Once you have the backup with you, recovery could easily be done, no matter what the reason for loss is. So, for sure backup your iPhone data in advance & to keep data loss situations at par.  Also, you can know about how to fix mac OS X errors here.

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User Guide – How to Recover Mac Data Files Using Mac Undelete App

Step 1: Once the application has been downloaded & installed on your system, you need to launch it to begin with its use.

Step 2: List of storage media present on the very system would then be listed, select the one from where recovery is to be done.


Step 3: From the list of the file format, the ones to be recovered need to be marked, the ‘+’, ‘-‘ option provides with the option of removing or adding particular files needed.

Step4: Next, click on the scan button so that the scanning process could be started

Step 5: On completion of the scanning process list of recoverable files are shown in the preview window and it is from where you can select files that need to be restored, along with specifying a location for storage of the same.


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